EUFRUIT WP3 Scanning report Y1 "Reduction in pesticides residues - stonefruits"

Every second year, Agroscope, the Swiss centre for agricultural research, publishes recommendations for plant protection in commercial fruit production. Yearly, this booklet is supplemented by an updated list of plant protection products. These documents contain information about damage tresholds and effect of chemicals on beneficials and are widely used in practice and education. In addition, Agroscope and regional advisory services distribute up-to-date recommendations for plant protection by e-Mail, fax and mailing. Agroscope published factsheets with recommendations for control of Drosophila suzukii in stonefruits.


Scanning report WP3 Y1 stonefruits ()
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Publication of EIP-AGRI practitioner abstract
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Reduction in pesticide residues
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Dr. Andreas Naef

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8820 W├Ądenswil

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