EUFRUIT WP4 Scanning report Y1 "WP4 Fruit quality, improvement of fruit handling/ storage"

Experimental orchards: orchards for pome and stone fruit cultivation, and for vegetable growing. Sorting machine for grading
of pome fruit.

Storage facility Agroscope: 16 independent small CA-containers, which allow serial trials. Two CA-rooms with 3 and 5 tons
capacity respectively, more than 12 regular atmosphere storage rooms.

Storage methods: Storage of pome, stone fruits and vegetables. Storage under regular atmosphere, CA-storage, ULO-storage
and DCA-storage. Storage under modified atmosphere for stone fruit and berries.
Assessment of fruit quality: Measurement of fruit firmness, total soluble solids and titratable acidity with the automatic
laboratory Pimprenelle. Analytical lab with HP GC, GC-MS and other analytical instruments.

Microbiology and molecular biology lab: Establishing the apple fruit microbiome for different cultivars and orchard
management conditions using classical microbiology methods and amplicon metagenomic sequencing.


Scanning report WP4 Y1 (English)
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Publication of EIP-AGRI practitioner abstract
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Fruit quality; improvement of fruit handling/storage
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Dr. Andreas B├╝hlmann

Schloss 1
8820 W├Ądenswil

Tel. +41 58 460 64 24
[email protected]
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