Poster "Sleuventeelt Junami" Kennisdag 2016

The Knowledge Day is a yearly event in November for all stakeholders of the Dutch fruit growing industry. The day is organised by WR and the Dutch Fruit Growers Organisation (NFO). In 2016, 300 visitors participated. During this day a poster presentation was given of the open field gully system for Junami. The poster gives results of research for Junami apples, and gives production figures (tonnes/ha, number of fruits/meter and average fruitsize) for the period 2011 -2016. The high productions of 2013 and 2014 are partly related to Regulated Deficit Irrigation (RDI).


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Organising/holding industry group meeting/event
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Secure sustainable fruit production
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M.P. van der Maas
Wageningen University & Research
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6670 AE Zetten
The Netherlands
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Wageningen, The Netherlands
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300 participants
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poster presentation
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open invitation to all stakeholders in Dutch fruit growing industry
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