Plant Biotechnology and Horticulture

Development and achievements in plant breeding, the perspectives of green-biotechnology, new breeding methods, in-vitro technologies were presented. The event was held in 2016-05-12, Babtai.


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Organising/holding seminar/lecture-based workshop
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Secure sustainable fruit production
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Dr. Giedrė Samuolienė
LAMMC Sodininkystės ir daržininkystės institutas/
Institute of Horticulture, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
Kauno 30, LT-54333, Babtai, Kauno rajonas, Lietuva
Tel.: +370-37-555220
E-mail.: [email protected]
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Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry
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Plant Biotechnology and Horticulture
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Institute of Horticulture, LRCAF.
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The EUFRUIT thematic network has received funding from the
European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
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