Storability of 'Galant' and 'Natyra': Two new apple cultivars for organic fruit production / EcoFruit

Results from storage studies conducted at the Competence Centre for Fruit Growing at
Lake Constance (KOB) in 2014 with the new resistant apple cultivars ‘Galant®’ and
‘Natyra’ are presented. Both these cultivars have been breed for resistance to apple scab
and are of interest to organic fruit growers. ‘Galant®’ softens quickly after harvest and
seems suitable only for short term storage. ‘Natyra’ maintained excellent fruit firmness (FF)
during storage 7 months CA storage and showed no physiological disorders.


Storability of Galant and Natyra two new apple cultivars for organic fruit production ()
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Fruit quality; improvement of fruit handling/storage
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Dr. Daniel Neuwald
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Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau-Bodensee Bavendorf
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