New apple storage technologies can reduce energy usage and improve storage life / EcoFruit

This paper reviews recent developments in fruit storage that are relevant for both
integrated and organic fruit producers and storage operators. Between 2012 and 2015, a
cooperative INTERREG IV project, involving researchers and commercial storage
operators in both Germany and Switzerland, investigated a range of technical and
strategic management measures to reduce energy usage in fruit storage and a summary
of the key findings are presented. Energy savings of ~15 % to 50 % appear feasible by
using elevated storage temperatures of 1 to 4 °C when compared to the usual ultra low
oxygen (ULO) storage recommendations. A range of apple cultivars stored at elevated
temperatures for periods of 5 to 7 months showed no negative effects on fruit quality.
Storage at elevated temperatures may reduce the incidence of storage rots (Neofabraea
spp.) in the apple cultivar ‘Pinova’. Dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA) provides a
strong inhibition of fruit ripening processes with potential application to achieve energy
saving during storage and further research work is planned to test DCA with apple
cultivars used for organic production.


New apple storage technologies can reduce energy usage and improve storage life ()
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