Brevis as chemical thinning agent in apple

Many apple varieties in our assortment have a small fruit size and ask therefore a good and early chemical thinning to achieve a good fruit size. The authorization of the new thinning agent Brevis certainly is a welcome addition, especially for varieties such as Kanzi, Braeburn, Gala and Belgica.

Some remarks on the use of Brevis
- Brevis should always be sprayed on a dry crop.
- The temperature at the time of application does not play a major role.
- If there are only a few pollinators in the orchard, or after bad flowering weather, the apples often have fewer seeds. Check this first! If there are a lot of seeds, the dosage of Brevis can be increased. If the apples have hardly any seeds, certainly not go higher than 1.1 kg / ha.
- Do not add foliar nutrition or other products because they can enhance the thinning effect.
- Brevis can be sprayed with 250 to 300 l of water/ha.

Thinning advice for apple
Varieties such as Gala, Kanzi, Pinova, Belgica and Braeburn usually require a strong thinning. For these varieties the advice for 2016 is to start with 1 x 1.1 kg / ha Brevis at an average fruit diameter of 8 mm. When there are more than sufficient flower buds, a 2nd treatment can be carried out around 12 mm. For this 2nd treatment one can choose to spray only the top of the tree.

For Golden there is often a large variation in vigour and number of flower buds. On parcels where one wishes only a slight thinning, one may use 6-BA, whether or not in combination with a low dosage of 0.05 to 0.10 l/ha NAA. This treatment has to be carried out at 18 ° C.

On weakly growing Golden parcels, which still need to be thinned significantly each year, one can choose for 1x Brevis at 1.1 up to 1.5 kg/ha. A 2nd treatment on Golden is not recommended at this time.


Fruitteeltnieuws 29(08): 12-14 Brevis als chemisch dunmiddel bij appel
Published: 15-04-2016


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