Chemical thinning with Brevis on pears

Keywords: Chemical thinning, metamitron, 6-BA, Conference, Celina/QTee®, Dicolor

In our trials attention was paid to time and dose of application, comparison with 6-BA, thin-ning after treatments with GA, return bloom, influence of pollination, influence of spring night frost, combination with foliar nutrition, treatments in the top of the tree and spraying with less water.

Advice for Conference
On parcels where only a slight thinning is desired, one may choose a thinning agent based on 6-BA. When a stronger thinning is needed, it is better to spray Brevis at 1.1 kg/ha up to max-imum 1.5 kg/ha. The highest allowed dose in Belgium is 2 x 2.2 kg/ha, but this dose will not be used because this will cause in many parcels an overthinning. After spring night frost it is not recommended to use Brevis, because it will cause overthinning.

Advice for some new pear varieties
• Cepuna/Migo® is a variety that naturally achieves a good fruit set and rarely starts with an abundant number of flower buds. Therefore, Brevis will not be needed rapidly.
• Celina/QTee® is a very productive variety. For a light thinning 6-BA can be used. With a really heavy fruit set Brevis is required at 1.1 kg/ha. With Celina phytotoxicity on the leaves occurs quicker after spaying Brevis.
• Also for Dicolor it is important that fruits don’t hang in thick clusters. With a heavy fruit set it is recommended to spray Brevis at 1.1 kg/ha.

Brevis offers good opportunities for thinning Conference, Celina and Dicolor. The thinning effect of Brevis is less temperature dependent than for 6-BA.
On parcels with abundant flower buds and with ideal flowering weather a chemical thinning with Brevis will be required. The ideal application time to spray Brevis is at an average fruit diameter of 8 to 12 mm on the 2-year-old wood.


Fruitteeltnieuws 29(07): 4-8 Chemische dunning met Brevis bij peer
Published: 01-04-2016


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