Harvest affects quality after storage

The right state of maturity of the fruits at harvest is crucial for the optimal storage of apples. A good storage Management influences positively the preservation of the Quality during the storage.
A harvest that is being performed too early leads to underdeveloped, badly coloured fruits with limited eating quality. This is due to the fact that the fruits have not passed through maturation yet.
If the apples are harvested too late, instead, this might lead to overripe fruits and aging. This can lead to numerous defects, as soft, mealy, rotten, brown, and bland tasting fruits that can manifest outages due to putridity.
For a long-term storage, as it is required by the market, the optimal state of maturity is reached, when the fruits seem externally fully mature, but are not ready for the immediate consumption, as the taste-quality still needs to develop.


Apfel Aktuell Nr.2, Juni 2016, Jahrgang 30 Harvest affects quality after storage
Published: 01-06-2016


Harvest affects quality after storage ()
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