EUFRUIT WP2 Scanning report Y3 "Berry Variety Testing"

The evaluation of new strawberry and raspberry varieties at Agroscope takes place in two phases. Depending on the year, eight to ten new strawberry varieties and four to eight new raspberry varieties (primocane and floricane) are tested.
The strawberry varieties are evaluated regarding their qualitative (sugar content, firmness, color) and agronomic potential (yield, diameter, maturing period, resistance or susceptibility to pests and diseases). Cléry serves as a reference variety. Tastings complete the evaluation of new varieties.
The variety testing of raspberries takes place uniquely on substrate. The plants grow in pots of 10 liter. Tulamen serves as a reference variety. For floricanes, Agroscope works with longCane in yearlong cultivation. For primocanes the plants are kept over three harvesting periods. The main criteria for evaluating the new varieties are the quality, the handling of the fruits as well as the size of the fruits. The main objective is to find varieties that allow for a faster harvest.


Potential of new berry varieties ()
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Performance of new fruit varieties
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