The EUFRUIT Knowledge Platform is part of a European thematic network of 21 partners including research institutes, universities and industrial partners who represent keyparts of the fruit supply chain from 12 countries.

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The European Fruit Network (EUFRUIT) - Knowledge Platform

EUFRUIT Knowledge Platform is an international open access database of electronic documents related to productivity, sustainability and quality of fruit in the European fruit sector. New knowledge on fruit research and best practice approaches at a European level are available in the database. It is possible to search for information in a specific language.

Focuses are on four thematic areas of critical importance to competitiveness and innovation potential of the European fruit sector:

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AHDB EMR Associationi Tree Fruit Day

Participation in industry event or exhibit - Fruit quality; improvement of fruit handling/storage

This year’s annual AHDB / EMR Association tree fruit day presented a wide range of tree fruit research projects being funded by AHDB and others. It included new post-harvest research on the effects of pruning and thinning on dry matter content, research into apple canker and powdery mildew, optimum planting material for fruit walls and progress in rootstock breeding. In addition,…


Scanning Report Y3 "Fruit Quality, Improvement of handling/storage"

Publication of scanning report - Fruit quality; improvement of fruit handling/storage

Improving storage technologies enable tailor made storage conditions, which lead to many positive effects but can exhibit some undesired side effects on fruit quality, such as the promotion of the occurrence of superficial scald. This is a postharvest physiological disorder of certain apple cultivars. The disorder leads to brown or black patches on the fruit skin, whereby the…


Sooty mold after storage

Publication in technical journal - Fruit quality; improvement of fruit handling/storage

Sooty mold after storage The symptoms of sooty mold are currently quite spread in the organic apple cultivation. However, they spread also increasingly in the integrated growing. Laimburg Research Centre is working hard to find solutions for this increasing problem. Sooty mold appears as black-green cover of fungi. The pulp and the taste do not suffer from these fungi.…


Improvement of fruit storage methods

Publication of flyer/leaflet - Fruit quality; improvement of fruit handling/storage

The Horizon 2020 Thematic Network EUFRUIT was launched in March 2016. Through a multi-actor approach, it aims to improve the implementation of research outcomes into practical and applicable knowledge that will directly benefit the European fruit sector. EUFRUIT does not seek to create fundamental new knowledge or technologies but rather to gather and analyse state-of-the-art…

The EUFRUIT thematic network has received funding from the
European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 696337.