Merkblatt Massnahmen gegen den Frost

Leaflet: measures against frost.
Fruit orchards can be severely damaged by late frosts. For estimating and reducing operational risk, knowledge on the formation of frosts, as well as careful planning and situation analysis is essential. The formation of frost can be explained in three ways: radiation, flows and evaporation. All three kinds usually occur in mixed forms, with weather and topography determining which mechanism dominates.
The most effective prevention against frost is and remains the choice of adequate locations as well as the selection of suitable kinds of fruit and varieties. Location and exposure of the plot favor one or the other type of frost and are therefore important for the planning of preventive measures. Finally, a comprehensive assessment of the situation is important to successfully combat frost. This involves considering cropping systems, the type of fruit and the farm structure as well as the preferences and investment opportunities of the farm.
All temperature data in this document are to be understood as guidelines! The formation of frost is complex and depends on the respective situation. The values of the air temperature measurements should therefore be interpreted with care.


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