Hortus Florshow-Bucharest Horticultural Days 2018

Hortus Florshow Romania 2018 - The Bucharest Horticulture Days organized in the period 3-6 May by the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Horticulture in Bucharest in partnership with Trias Flowershop in the Agronomy-Herastrau Campus in Bucharest, B-dul. Marasesti nr. 59.
The entire event takes place under the auspices of the Romanian Society of Horticulture.
The event includes a series of events:
Demonstrations and art floral crafts;
Practical demonstrations in orchard and presentation of new tree species and technologies;
Visit to the Botanical Garden and the Dendrological Park;
Visit the research greenhouse
Hortinvest Research Institute and the presentation of vegetable growing technologies in protected areas.


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Hortus FlorShow 2018
Hortus FlorShow 3-6.05.2018
Hortus FlorShow 2018
Hortus FlorShow 2018
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Organising/holding open demonstration day
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Performance of new fruit varieties
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Prof.dr. Florin Stanica, USAMV Bucharest - Bv. Marasti nr. 59 -Romania
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