New apple varieties – Recognising them to enhance enjoyment and value

In order to disseminate references on the new apple varieties on offer, Ctifl has published a document aimed at the wholesale and retail sector. It presents the main sensory characteristics of the fruit, and more precisely:
- Fruit: average fruit size and skin quality
- Physicochemical characteristics: firmness, sugar content and malic acid
- Shelf life: defined by slow, medium or rapid turnover of the product and by its sensitivity to handling
- Taste: sensory profile, intensity of apple flavour, intensity of aromatic notes (green apple, berries, citrus), sweetness and acidity, firmness, crispness and juiciness
The data were collected through the French national fruit variety and rootstock evaluation network and the national varietal maintenance network, which are co-ordinated by Ctifl.

The document can be accessed on the Ctifl website after setting up an account:


Vaysse P. et al, 2018. Le point sur les nouvelles variétés de pomme- Les reconnaître pour mieux les apprécier et les valoriser - Point sur (Le), N° 32, 10 p le point sur les nouvelles variétés de pomme -
Published: 01-03-2018


Le Point sur les nouvelles variétés de pomme - Les reconnaitre pour mieux les apprécier et les valoriser ()


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