New Generation of Gala Clones

The apple variety Gala has become one of the most important standard varieties in the world. The variety is relatively easy to cultivate: even though Gala is quite susceptible to pathogens, due to the early harvest it is exposed for a shorter period, compared to other varieties. Through 1-MCP, the storability was improved radically.
In the last years, mainly Gala clones were planted that color earlier and which have a darker color. However, it is difficult to determine the perfect harvest timing with these clones. Especially with young trees and in good sites for coloring, several harvest timings are almost impossible. These, however, would be necessary to get the homogeneous inner ripeness. In addition, these varieties entice the farmers to harvest early and put them directly on the market, which in early summer is screaming for fresh apples. These early harvested fruits, however, have the optical minimum requirements but the taste and the inner quality are poor.


La nuova generazione di cloni di Gala ()
La nuova generazione di cloni di Gala, Guerra, Walter; Ebner, Edmund; Zublasing, Thomas, Frutta e vite , Nr.6, 2017, p.21–25.
Neue Generation von Galaklonen ()
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