EUFRUIT WP2 Y3 NIAB EMR scanning report 'Soft Fruit Variety Testing'

This scanning report provided a brief overview of the state of play for berry variety testing in the UK. Most trials are carried out privately by producer organizations and breeding programmes and protocols vary depending of the organisation that carries them out. At NIAB EMR it is typical to record objective measurements include harvest date, marketable and unmarketable yield (g/plant), firmness and sugar content (°brix) and. Firmness, appearance, flavour, post harvest storage, and flowering and vegetative characteristics are also usually recorded on a subjective (1-5 or 1-9) scale. Wherever possible varieties are sourced from breeding programmes world wide and can be evaluated alongside NIAB EMR selections and varieties.
Levy-funded variety trials for strawberry and raspberry have now been discontinued.


EUFRUIT WP2 Y3 NIAB EMR scanning report 'Soft Fruit Variety Testing' ()
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