EUFRUIT WP2 NIAB EMR Scanning report Y1 "Apple and Pear Variety Testing"

This report provided a brief overview of apple and pear variety testing in the UK. Currently, UK growers do not commission any cultivar trials for pip fruit through their levy board (AHDB Horticulture) and that has been the case for many years nor do they run other independent tests jointly. It has become industry practice to run their own observational trials on grower farms. These trials typically evaluate rediscovered heritage cultivars (identified e.g. from the UK National Fruit Collection) or new cultivars from UK or overseas breeding programs. The later are often part of close or exclusive relationships between a producer organization (PO) and those programs (e.g. World Wide Fruit with ENZA and East Malling Services) or part of a club variety agreement. Most of these trials are observational (farm-scale plantings of a very small number of cultivar with little experimental design or statistical analysis of results). They are also confidential and the only evidence of their results is the new cultivars planted by particular groups of growers.


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