Fighting storage rots in apples

The technology for hot water treatment was developed many years ago but it was not used widely due to availability of fungicides. In organic production, however, fungicides are abandoned and alternative methods are needed. Short-term hot water treatment of apple fruits has shown to postpone the development of storage rots if used correctly. Incorrect use results in skin browning after several weeks of storage. Overall, apple fruits can tolerate 3 min dipping at 52 °C, however, there are variation in sensitivity between fruits. Fruits emit volatile organic compounds in response to heat stress. The volatile method showed that there is a relation between the concentration of emitted volatiles and skin browning. At present, scientists examine if there is a relation between the volatile profile of fruits in storage and storage rot.


Økologi & Erhverv ISSN: 1904-1586 Fighting storage rots in apples
Published: 13-01-2017


Fighting storage rots in apples / Til kamp mod lagerråd i æbler (Danish)
Publication in other stakeholder journal/magazine. This article was published in ‘Økologi & Erhverv’ 13 January 2017
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Publication in other stakeholder journal/magazine
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